The Best Colors For Websites

Are some Colors Better For Web Design?

Like in any other business establishment, colors are extremely vital for a website. This is because the net is a non-verbal medium of communication. This means any idea here is almost completely based on visual stimuli. Under the circumstances therefore it is of some value to make a first impression on your customers, right at the first glance before you delve into the technicalities. A pleasing website is always a welcome sign for browsers, if your website doesn’t please the viewer almost immediately then he/she can opt out of it almost immediately in a matter of a click.

Most companies however do not appreciate the importance of the color scheme of their website. Which is probably expected given that such a fundamental detail might seem frivolous and tacky to most who are looking to put up a site of great practical importance. Most will argue that the success of a website will depend on it’s content and not on what it looks like. While this is obviously true it would probably be hasty to decide whether or not the appearance of anything contributes to its success. Consider the fact that all of us decide on a number of things primarily based on what it looks like far before we actually use it. A toothbrush for instance (which obviously cannot work well just because it looks perfect) tends to be advertised in terms of what it looks like. This is because our visual senses decide for us what pleases us or does not please us even before we consider their practical utility.

Similarly when we visit a website if its graphics, color schemes and holistic design is attractive we will immediately be interested in it. Since most people tend to ignore this fact therefore they employ technicians rather than creative designers, who have a sound knowledge about colors and their usage, to create their websites. As a result most sites look drab and do not have the attractive power to keep customers interested long enough to find out what the exact contents of the website are.

Color and the use of psychology:

Color is said to have a psychological affect on your product and customers. Sometimes a customer may have some memories connected to some color that may be either pleasant or unpleasant. Sometimes, a person may connect himself or herself with the color of the uniform of the school team or college team he or she was playing in during youth. If the uniform was red in color, then anything red that he sees will connect him to his past and the happiness he experienced while playing in the team. Similarly, some colors may evoke unpleasant memories of the past of the customer.

Supposing a customer was the victim of an accident. Although the wounds of the accident may have healed, the vision of the color of the van or car that had hit the customer will remain vivid in the eyes of the customer. So if the vehicle was a blue vehicle, whenever the customer saw anything blue in color, unpleasant memories of the accident tend to return to the customer. With all this, it can be seen that many colors are usually attributed to some psychological stimulus that may have affected the customer a few years or decades ago. These colors will remain in the minds of the visitor for a long time to come.

On the other hand, there are some colors that give a subconscious reference to something else that remains in one’s collective psyche. It is this subconscious psyche that helps to communicate aspects of a product. For example, the colors red and blue always describe hot and cold for many products. However, before you remark that this fact is mere common sense, remember that sometimes the hottest fire turns out to be blue in color while it is also sometimes possible to get some ‘burns’ due to extreme cold! However, as we usually grow with the association that red signifies hot and blue signifies cold, it is this association that is usually used in many products which is quite effective. Remember that it is rather beneficial to communicate some aspects of your product using color association which in turn influences any potential customer.

It may be rather surprising to learn that many of the huge corporations that you find around you have gained recognition with their logos after spending millions of dollars in determining the best colors for the logo. They know that the perfect color is the best for increasing the profitability of a product.