Importance of Color in Web Design Part Three

Using Warm Colors in Web Design

Graphic Designers often use different kinds of warm color selections when conveying a specific message in their designs. This includes colors like red, pink, orange, gold and their partners. These tend to be excitable in nature and can be painfully overwhelming if used alone. Most of these colors are regarded as what is popularly called ‘bright’ and therefore work well on flashy sites targeted towards youngsters. However red can be used in various ways on various sites, it is generally very adaptable and creates an ambiance of its own.

Red is a mute signal for energy. Seeing red quickly fires up your pulse rate, blood pressure and adrenaline level. You can either choose to shock your customers with letter box red’s or give them a more warm welcome with burgundy and blood red’s.

Pink has traditionally been connected with femininity, love and romanticism. It can also represent youth and spirit. For more sophistication consider magenta and fuchsia.

Orange is a fierce fun-loving color. It is usually seen as warm and inviting and connected with sunsets and Halloween. Using a more tempered shade of orange rather than a fluorescent, neon shade is preferable since the latter tends to be too much for the eyes. Orange has worked well for point-of-purchase graphics and specials.

Yellow is the color of friendship and understanding. It communicates comfort and imagination and has been used well by the food service industry, probably due to the abundance of the color in food stuff (bananas, lemons etc.).

Neutral Colors

Neutrals spell class and dignity. Colors like beige, gray and taupe have been considered classics for decades now. They are timeless in their sense of moderation and elegance is always in fashion.

Pure white is one of the simplest and yet beautiful colors in the world. How you use the color will obviously decide whether it works for your particular site or not, but on the whole it’s the one color which immediately attracts attention due to the pristine atmosphere it creates.

Black, another absolute classic. Black means mystery, enigma and power. Black is also in many way sophistication personified. However steer clear of using too much of black on your site since this might look too dark, causing text etc. to become too difficult to read.

Your choice of color will immediately create a certain image of your company in your potential customers mind. This is because different colors are interpreted differently by people. For instance green can mean envy to some but can also simultaneously be a symbol of wealth to others. Technology allows us to create a number of combinations of the colors we as designers decide to use, these in turn help us emphasize the preferred effect of the color we have in mind.

The ultimate point of graphic designers using the right colors and getting the right design for your websites obviously is to get proper attention from your audience and your potential customers. Whenever you are choosing your colors therefore keep this final point in mind, you want to play your cards right and hit the right chords with your customers, you want to sway them your way and convince them to see the color the way you want them to, for all these reasons it is important for you to understand the basics of color psychology (discussed in brief in the above section).