Graphic Designers and Internet Marketing

Is there a connection between colors and effective
Internet Marketing?

Graphic Designers and Internet Marketers are always on the lookout for ways of creating good impressions on targeted viewers and potential new customers. A successful business is always dependent on good first impressions! The customer spends only a few minutes to gauge on the competence of a company through the marketing tool. So this few minutes prove to be very valuable to the Internet marketer.

The first thing Internet marketers have to concentrate on is the web page design, which emphasizes the importance of good design and the right color choices. Remember, that the first impression is the most important impression and thus has to be made the best.

The secret to a successful web page is to consider it as your store front, and thus has to be treated respectively. The important aspects of a successful web page is its content, having a niche in the market, good customer service and a high subscriber list. This is along with good web page design and proper color choices in the web page. In fact, it is taking these aspects into consideration that viewers look over your web page with. However, whatever the impact your content gives to the viewer, it is important that you also work on making them feel at home when they are visiting the page. Otherwise, the only thing they may do is to leave your web page!

Example Of Our Effective Internet Marketing Banner Ad Design

banner ad design

It may be surprising to learn that it is possible to control the mood of visitors to your website through the colors you use on the website. However, this is an aspect that is usually ignored. The reason colors can control the mood of visitors is that human emotions are generally triggered by colors. However, it is necessary for you to have some knowledge on which color triggers which emotions!

In fact, if colors are used correctly, it is possible to make some difference between the customer buying and selling your products. This is possible on choosing the right color combination for both your site and product.

Everything in our lives has colors; the food we eat the clothes we wear and the places we go. All of these colors have some form of psychological and emotional response in people and it is these responses that reflect our nature and the things that spark emotions and responses in us. It is a fact that color is the first thing that we notice, and it is also the last thing that is forgotten. So color proves to be a very powerful tool if used properly. It can be considered to be the path to ones thoughts, feelings and desires and is thus a point worth discussing about.

Graphic Designers and Internet Marketing Go Hand In Hand

Now we come to the part on which color combos do graphic designers use in internet marketing. It is always better to use the main content on some white background as this is softer on the eyes and provides some professionalism to the viewer. Moreover, white is a color that triggers thoughts of purity, peace and perfection to the viewer. Though white is a very important color, it is not sufficient using only white on the website. You will also have to complement the site with other colors too. Everyone has some creativity in himself or herself. So all that has to be done is to use the huge color spectrum to choose the best colors to use on the website.

To help you, let it be known that red is a color that generally stimulates warmth, hunger and excitement to the viewer. It is the cooler colors like green and blue that help enhance calm and content feelings to the viewer. If you want an object to look heavier, use dark colors; and to make them look lighter, use light colors.

Example Of How We Use Yellow and Blue In Our Banner Ad Designs

banner ad design

Yellow is a color that generally stimulates a lack of worry, while black is a color that designates a troubled state. However, it is not always that the respective colors mean the same things to all people. Sometimes, the color yellow may mean cheap, the color green may mean money or greed while the color black may signify death or elegance!

So it can be seen that color is basically considered to be a science and is a great weapon in Internet marketing. However, you have to choose colors with great thought as the color basically identifies you and your product. And once a color is owned by you, it will always be associated to you and your company. Famous and typical examples to exemplify this are logos like Coca Cola being associated with red, Tide orange and John Deere green. Remember, that the color of a logo has the same impact, if not more, than the logo itself.

Whenever you venture to choose colors, it is important to use logic and choose colors. For example, different products need different colors to describe them; green says pine in a cleaner and mint in a mouthwash. Blue signifies strong mint, like icy cool mint and even dinner plates. Red signifies cherries, strawberries and apples. No one chooses gray for laundry detergent as no one really wants gray clothes; only brightly colored clothes.

Gray and brown are two colors that greatly affect moods, as they generally seem depressing and somber. However, with tints of red, they give a more cheerful attitude. However you use gray and brown, they usually suggest weight and something heavy so visitors will be offered stability and strength with these colors. Other colors that signify solitude are burgundy, oyster, blues and beige.