Photoshop Photo Manipulation

Photo manipulation is a process of digitally transforming and altering a photo or image using various skilled techniques to achieve the desired effects. There are many photo manipulations that are considered to be amazing, highly skilled digital artwork, while other transformations are often labeled as unethical modified changes. These are when photo manipulation is used to enhance, mislead and deceive public consumers. Some examples that we see every day are with products and people.

One of the more positive outcomes of advanced image editing is the ability we now have to restore, repair and enhance old or damaged photographs. We now have the ability to bring images back to life.

There are several really good photo editing programs available today. Some are even free. My opinion is; Adobe has raised the bar and still continues to set and hold the industry standard with their Lightroom, Elements, Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop Apps. Although some users complain about how difficult and time consuming it is to learn these programs. Once you develop the necessary skill set, you then have the ability to unleash the true power inside these amazing applications.

After viewing a photo that has been manipulated, people often say, wow, that’s amazing! “I would never be able to learn how to do that”. That simply is not true. Some of the photo manipulations you see are very simple to create. Once you learn the basics and are able to select and remove objects successfully, learn how to work with and apply layer masks, you will discover how easy the process is.

Adobe’s October 2018 release of Photoshop CC version 20.0 has opened new doors for graphic designers, digital artists, photographers, and graphic illustrators. Some of the awesome improvements include the frame tool for easier masking, content aware fill, color wheel, live blend mode preview, camera raw and many more. If you can dream it, you can create anything!

Some Of Our Photoshop Photo Manipulations

Photoshop Manipulation of Polar Bear and Child

Photoshop Manipulation Of Lion and Child

Photo Manipulation of Swimmer

Photoshop Photo Manipulation of Swimmer on Highway Road

Photoshop Photo Manipulation

Photo Manipulation

Photoshop Photo Manipulation of Woman and Tiger

Photo Manipulation of Bird and Tiger

Photo Manipulation With Photoshop

These are just a few examples of some amazing work we created with the Photoshop Raster Image Editing Program.