Photoshop Tools With Keyboard Shortcuts

When you open and load the Photoshop App on your computer, a sidebar of tools with multiple image-editing functions will appear on the left of the user interface screen. These default tools fall under categories of drawing, painting, measuring and navigation, selection, typing, and retouch. Some of the basic tools contain a small triangle in … Read morePhotoshop Tools With Keyboard Shortcuts

What Are Color Schemes?

When graphic designers and web designers use different color schemes like shades, tones and tints of the same colors, monochromatic color schemes look like different colors with variety of meanings and interest. With a single color scheme, you are sure to get some peaceful and harmonious response. Though monochromatic colors can produce some claiming effects … Read moreWhat Are Color Schemes?

Graphic Designers and Internet Marketing

Is there a connection between colors and effective Internet Marketing? Graphic Designers and Internet Marketers are always on the lookout for ways of creating good impressions on targeted viewers and potential new customers. A successful business is always dependent on good first impressions! The customer spends only a few minutes to gauge on the competence … Read moreGraphic Designers and Internet Marketing

Importance of Color in Web Design Part Three

Using Warm Colors in Web Design Graphic Designers often use different kinds of warm color selections when conveying a specific message in their designs. This includes colors like red, pink, orange, gold and their partners. These tend to be excitable in nature and can be painfully overwhelming if used alone. Most of these colors are … Read moreImportance of Color in Web Design Part Three

Importance of Color in Web Design Part Two

Web Design Colors and Branding Are The Perfect Match Most Graphic Designers choose colors that fit the brand identity. Most brands for instance have this great affinity for red. This is because red commands immediate attention. But that doesn’t mean that it works for all brands. Don’t jump on the bandwagon with everyone else simply … Read moreImportance of Color in Web Design Part Two