The Psychological Effect of Colors On Humans

The Psychology Of Colors It may seem surprising to learn that colors do indeed have a psychological effect on the customer and product. This can be better understood by taking an example into consideration. An average American male of age thirty, and who enjoyed baseball in his childhood so much that most of the memorable … Read moreThe Psychological Effect of Colors On Humans

The Impact Of Using Colors

How Color Impacts Our Daily Lives The human eye is capable of detecting about 7 million colors. Some colors and color combinations can act as eye irritants, wreaking havoc on human vision and even affecting the human brain and health, while others can be soothing and impart an overall feeling of calmness and well-being. Consequently, … Read moreThe Impact Of Using Colors

Color Hue Value Saturation Tint and Shade

Color Terminology There are a few terms that crop up often in color theory:  hue, value, saturation, tint, and shade. These are defined as follows: Hue Hue is kind of synonymous with ‘color’ itself. Different hues correspond to specific portions within the visible spectrum, so that hue may be defined generally as the spectral color … Read moreColor Hue Value Saturation Tint and Shade

How Monitors and Screens Display Colors

Let’s talk about how monitors and screens display colors by using tiny red, green, and blue dots in different combinations and different intensities to convey all the different colors we see. Each point on a particular screen is actually a group of three little colored dots, situated so close to one another and to neighboring … Read moreHow Monitors and Screens Display Colors

Let’s Talk About Basic Color Theory

A Brief Introduction to Basic Color Theory Color theory basically is a large branch of science that encompasses every aspect of how humans see and interpret color in the world we live in today. I will begin with just a brief introduction to color theory, outlining it’s more critical points for gaining a better understanding … Read moreLet’s Talk About Basic Color Theory